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On a recent trip to New York, Chief Designer Lauren Palmer took a look at the trends at the Architectural Digest Fair as part of her research to forecast future directions for Fisher & Paykel appliance styling. The Architectural Digest Fair brings new designs, styles, materials and novelties from around the world, but there were still a few key themes that I noticed

A lot of timber! Benchtops, cabinetry, refined, rustic, oak, ash, mahogany, all types and all finishes.

Texture, especially rough texture contrasted with high gloss. Timber features again, particularly rough sawn, as well as stone and tiles – these too were often more organic and crafted iterations. Against these textural elements and were often paired with glossy surfaces to balance the rustic feel and provide a visually interesting textural palette. High gloss laminates were popular, but also glass and precision steel.

I’ve sort of repeated myself with the timber trend already, but repetition itself was a theme I noticed everywhere. From lines of pendants to a pattern appearing in multiple parts of a kitchen, the more the merrier, it seemed.

Colour! It’s always fun to see some colour and the colours that kept popping up were chartreuse, blues, mustards, lots of white and then those timbers again.

Looking at appliances, fully integrated (concealed) fridges and dishwashing were popular and, tied in with this, there were some clever sliding systems in cabinetry to conceal small appliances.

Continuing an ongoing trend, appliances are getting more specific with coffee systems, steam and speed ovens on display.